Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Munting Mayon Community School, Athens

by Christos Stefanou

The Munting Mayon Community School was founded by the filipinos/as workers' Kasapi organisation in Athens and has been functioning as a kindergarten and elementary school for migrants' children for various years. Hundreds of filipinino children, as well as children from other countries like Albania, Nigeria, Poland etc. have had the opportunity to grow in a multicultural environment, where skin color and language is not a reason for discrimination as is often the case in greek public schools. The MMCS has been the first step for their integration in the greek society and for their preparation for Greek highschool.

As of September 2006, according to the recommendation of greek authorities, MMCS will only function only as a kindergarten and not as an elementary school any more. Additionaly it will open its doors as a cultural center for migrants in Athens. Let's wish it a good luck!

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Anonymous said...

ta παιδάκια κοιμούνται στο πάτωμα?Δεν έχει κρεβάτια το σχολείο?Μήπως αυτό το κάνουνε για να διδάξουνε στα παιδιά την αυτοταπεινότητα?Καραμπάς Κώστασ